How it all began

June accumulated a large amount of debt on store cards and a credit card, but instead of paying them off each month, she’d spend her money on other things. It got to the point where she was frightened and stressed. “It was awful…” she says. “I couldn’t answer the phone. I was terrified in case it was somebody looking for money, which it usually was. And letters, the postman coming… the amount of times I used to hide behind the door…”


How SDS Helped

June got in touch with SDS after a little bit of research online and began to turn her life around. She didn’t have to come into the SDS office, but spoke to her advisor, Jane, many times over the phone. “She would do anything; nothing was too much trouble. And if she said she’d get back to you about something, she got back to you. You could trust her.”

Jane recommended June apply for a Trust Deed.

Looking to the future

Eighteen months later, June is debt free. Now, if she sees something she wants to buy, she can buy it (with cash, of course!). “It’s as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

And what would June say to anyone who finds themselves in her situation? “I would say ‘go and get help’. Don’t worry yourself to death… There’s always people there who will help you.”

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