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Who are CCS?

CCS are a debt collection company based in Surrey who can operate across the UK. They can act on behalf of commercial companies who have outstanding debt profiles. They work on a range of businesses, including HMRC, the NHS, and water companies. So, if you currently owe have debt to your credit card company or water provider you may be contacted by CCS.

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Why have CCS Collect contacted me?

If you are receiving calls or letters from CCS Collect this may be because the company whom you owe payment to has used every option to attempt to chase your debt but have found no other option than to pass on to a debt collection agency. Unlike many debt collection agencies, CCS do not purchase debt from clients but rather work on behalf of them to recover their debt.

How will CCS Collect try to take action?

As a debt collection agency, CCS Collect will be more persistent in chasing debts. This is because as a specialist agency they have more resources to use solely for retrieving unpaid debts unlike the previous company who you owed money to. They will initiate contact with you to request payment of debt typically by letter or through calls and email.

If you find yourself under more pressure from a debt collection agency such as CCS Collect, then you should be aware that they remain under the same legal obligations as the company you previously owed debt towards. As a collection service provider, they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and so are obliged to act according to their guidelines. However, if you do continue to ignore letters and phone calls, then they can hold your account to further action including further interest fees and charges. At this stage if you continue to ignore requests they can escalate to the Sherriff Court.

It is advised that you make payment where possible as ignoring the situation can make matters worse and increase feelings of stress and anxiety. If you find that you are unable to afford payment, then out team at Scotland Debt Solutions have years of experience dealing with individuals in similar circumstances. We will advise you of options to take as well as contacting CCS Collect on your behalf.

Should I make payment to CCS Collect?

If you are considering paying off your debt, then first you should request that CCS Collect can confirm the amount is correct and enforceable. This can be done through writing a Proof of Debt letter. If this debt is proven to be correct by CCS Collect, then you can arrange payment with them. It is recommended to pay off the debt if you are able to do so to avoid any further escalation such as additional charges or legal intervention.

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What if I cannot afford to make payments to CCS Collect?

If you are struggling financially and find yourself unable to pay the debt you owe to CCS Collect, you should first check which options they may have to support you with this. They may be able to offer a payment plan to pay off your debt over a manageable period.

It is important to consider debt advice before making any arrangements- be mindful of any future payments you will need to fulfil, such as rent, tax, or utility costs. If you enter into a debt repayment agreement with CCS Collect, you should be careful to avoid this interfering with financial obligations by planning your budget beforehand.

What options do I have if I am receiving letters from CCS Collect?

If you find yourself unable to pay CCS Collect and are still being chased by them, you can receive support from our team at Scotland Debt Solutions. Our team are highly experienced in this area and understand how difficult it can be to go through.

You will receive tailored guidance from your Scotland Debt Solutions adviser who will learn more about your experience and direct you towards the most suitable option to take. This can include solutions such as a Trust Deed, Sequestration, or planning a Debt Arrangement Scheme depending on what fits your current situation.

Once you have confirmed a route forwards, your adviser will be there to support you through the process. They will interact with CCS Collect on your behalf and bring an end to any further letters or phone calls to help you feel at ease.

To contact one of our trusted advisors at Scotland Debt Solutions today, call our team on 0141 326 0417.

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