Green Deal’ Scam Leaves Scots with Huge Debts

November 30, 2018

A rogue company is believed to have scammed hundreds of people across Scotland out of significant sums of money in the context of a ‘green energy’ scheme that was backed by the British government.

The company is called Home Energy and Lifestyle Management Systems (Helms) and Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has received well over a thousand complaints about the business.

Expectations are that more people will come forward to explain how they were scammed out of money and left with sizable debts by Helms as details of its practices continue to emerge.

CAS wants to see the UK government take action to help out the people who have been left out of pocket or in debt as a result of Helms’ activities, with the company itself having now been liquidated.

Helms had been operating under a government-backed scheme called the Green Deal, which was designed to help consumers and households to pay for cleaner energy solutions, such as having solar panels fitted at their homes.

According to the CAS, Helms told its customers that the Green Deal scheme was free to participate in but in fact the money involved was being loaned.

The company now stands accused of breaching regulations designed to protect consumers and, specifically, of providing misleading information to customers and engaging in pressurised sales techniques.

Figures emerging in recent weeks suggest that people in parts of Scotland have been left with huge debts of up to £21,000 as a result of taking part in the Green Deal scheme in conjunction with Helms.

“Helms customers entered into their agreements in good faith but they were mis-led and have suffered higher bills for four years because of this rogue company, with some facing two more decades of repayments,” said Kate Morrison, energy policy manager at CAS.

“We know about hundreds of cases, but we fear there may be more people who haven’t come forward yet.

“So the UK government needs to act so that all customers of this company are given the opportunity to come forward and access appropriate compensation.”

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