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If you're based in Motherwell and you're struggling with large personal debts and feel you have nowhere to turn, there is local support around you which you should be aware of. There are two main ports of call; both offer free debt advice to people in Motherwell and across the North Lanarkshire region.

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For starters, your local council (01698 403200) will offer basic money advice to those in debt and could be able to assist in your circumstances. For serious personal debts where you feel completely overwhelmed by escalating payments and creditors, you should contact Scotland Debt Solutions today.

Since 1989, Scotland Debt Solutions has help thousands of Scots get out of debt every year. From our nearest office in Glasgow, the very short journey south-east of the city to Motherwell is a regular route for our advisors who often travel down the M74 to meet with individuals and help them via face-to-face appointments. All meetings are free of charge and 100% confidential.

We don't judge you for being in debt; all that matters to us is how to resolve the situation you're in. Whether you've overspent on credit cards in the Motherwell Shopping Centre, maxed out on payday loans or simply had bad luck with work, it's crucial to realise that there are numerous reasons why people find themselves in debt and you must put all pride aside and start taking action.

Believe us when we say we've seen everything there is to see over 30 years of helping Scots in debt and through our vast experience and expertise, we can provide specialist advice on solutions that might be available to you such as Sequestration, Trust Deeds and Debt Arrangement Schemes. We can answer any queries you may have such as questions on attaining credit, getting back into work, whether you could lose your home, or how liable you are for your debts going forward.

*Amend to- For starters, North Lanarkshire Council (01698 403200) will offer basic money advice…

If you have found yourself in need of further support for situations such as Council Tax Arrears or Wage Arrestment Orders (can be also known as Earning Arrestment Orders), we can provide guidance from a qualified team of experts.

Our team are helping people in Motherwell and North Lanarkshire today – contact us on 0800 063 9250 for confidential advice.

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Here at Scotland Debt Solutions we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to contact you with regards to your enquiry. We will not use your information for marketing purposes. See our Privacy Policy.

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Our debt report is completely easy to use and is a great starting point for anyone with over £5000 of debts looking to take control of their debt issues. By providing us with details of your incomings and outgoings we can suggest the most appropriate way forward for you.

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If you would prefer a meeting in the comfort of your own home, we are happy to arrange a date and time convenient for you no matter where in the country you are based.

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Our Insolvency Practitioners are regulated by ICAS or the IPA and our firm is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Fees and Information: There are fees associated with our services. These will be fully explained before entering into any of the personal debt solutions referred to on this website. Full details of our fees and how these are charged are fully explained to you prior to you committing to any particular service.

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