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Sharon McDougall

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Sharon McDougall is head advisor at the Scotland Debt Solutions office in Edinburgh. Sharon and her team have a great deal of experience in helping individuals living in and near the Scottish capital to find proactive solutions to their personal finance problems. We pride ourselves on providing a compassionate and comprehensive service whatever the circumstances.

If you live in Galashiels then you are only 35 miles or so away from the Scotland Debt Solutions office in Edinburgh. You can call the Scottish Borders Council for money advice on 01896 661 394 but we offer specialist services focussed on helping people cope with, and overcome, their debt management problems. You can reach us by rail in less than one hour or by car you can make the journey along the A7 to the capital in just over 60 minutes. Alternatively, one of our advisors can arrange an appointment with you at your home.

Our advisors understand how difficult it can be to live with onerous personal debts for months and years without any end in sight. It can be extremely stressful, particularly when creditors are applying consistent pressure for repayments you can’t afford. What we can offer people in these situations is expert guidance on what solutions are available. In Scotland, that usually means detailing the processes involved with Trust Deeds, Debt Arrangement Schemes and Sequestration.

However you have come to find yourself with insurmountable debts, whether through overspending on credit cards or unsustainable use of payday loans, what matters is what you do next. It’s important not to let your debt problems simply get worse and worse. Reaching out for help is often the first step towards a brighter financial future and we can give you the support you need in taking positive action.

If you can reach our office in Edinburgh then one of our advisors will be able to give you a free and confidential consultation. Or if you’d prefer then one of our experts can come out to Galashiels or wherever you are in the Scottish Borders and meet with you to discuss the debt issues you’re facing and how to start taking steps to resolve them.

Our free debt helpline numbers is 0131 203 3415 and we also have offices in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee in addition to our Edinburgh office.

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Client Testimonials


Four years ago I had bailiffs at my door and my landlord wanted me out on the streets. I had my head in the sand and just buried myself away from bad news, meaning I ignored creditors and my debts kept escalating with late fees, surcharges and penalties. A friend told me about Scotland Debt Solutions and within two weeks I was getting my life back on track.

I am now debt-free and thanks to an upturn in my credit score I now have my own home - something I couldn't have envisaged four years ago.


I had pre-conceptions about going bankrupt and thought it would be the worst possible thing that could happen, but entering into a bankruptcy (sequestration) procedure with Scotland Debt Solutions has proved to be a massive turning point for me. I paid off some of my debts through a structured repayment plan and the rest were written off.

Within 12 months I was discharged from sequestration and able to start moving on with my life and building my credit score again.

Our Insolvency Practitioners
are regulated by ICAS or IPA

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