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John Baird

Telephone: 0800 0639 250


John covers the East Kilbride area and conducts face-to-face meetings with people struggling under the weight of debts, helping to reassure them and find the best solutions for their needs. He has been advising people with financial worries for the last 17 years and is extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

People living in East Kilbride may not realise it but they have plenty of support around them when it comes to battling personal debts. There are specific departments within South Lanarkshire Council (0303 123 1015) that can provide general advice on the issues you are facing and for specialist support, you can also contact Scotland Debt Solutions. We provide free debt advice to people in Scotland wherever they are.

Since the late 1980s, Scotland Debt Solutions has helped thousands of Scots get our out of debt. From our nearest office in Glasgow, the twenty-five minute journey down the A749 is a regular route for our debt advice experts. We often have appointments in the East Kilbride and surrounding South Lanarkshire areas; often coming to see people within 24-48 hours of their call.

We know how stressful life can be when living with debts. Regardless of how you’ve ended up in this situation – whether it’s pure bad luck or you’ve racked up credit card debts in the EZ shopping centre – we’ve seen it all and can empathise with you and your circumstances like we do with thousands every year.

Our experts have huge experience with a range of debt help solutions and these may be available to you, depending on your debt levels. The common solutions are Debt Arrangement Schemes, Sequestration  and Trust Deeds, we can talk you through your current circumstances, totally free of charge in a confidential setting, to determine which route will be best suited for your needs.

If you’re on the run from your debts and ignoring your creditors, things will only get worse. It’s time to take action by contacting Scotland Debt Solutions today; we have specialist debt advisers in the East Kilbride and South Lanarkshire region who can talk with you today. Contact us on 0800 063 9250 for confidential advice.

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Client Testimonials


Four years ago I had bailiffs at my door and my landlord wanted me out on the streets. I had my head in the sand and just buried myself away from bad news, meaning I ignored creditors and my debts kept escalating with late fees, surcharges and penalties. A friend told me about Scotland Debt Solutions and within two weeks I was getting my life back on track.

I am now debt-free and thanks to an upturn in my credit score I now have my own home - something I couldn't have envisaged four years ago.


I had pre-conceptions about going bankrupt and thought it would be the worst possible thing that could happen, but entering into a bankruptcy (sequestration) procedure with Scotland Debt Solutions has proved to be a massive turning point for me. I paid off some of my debts through a structured repayment plan and the rest were written off.

Within 12 months I was discharged from sequestration and able to start moving on with my life and building my credit score again.

Our Insolvency Practitioners
are regulated by ICAS or IPA

Contact our East Kilbride Office on 0800 0639 250