Can I get a mortgage after an IVA or Trust Deed?

  • John Baird -
  • 14th September 2016 -
  • 3 minutes to read

The strict criteria applied by mortgage lenders make it difficult to obtain borrowing, even for those with a good credit rating. If you’ve entered into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement in Scotland, or a Trust Deed, unfortunately you won’t have access to borrowing until its completion.

Although it’s not impossible to get a mortgage after an IVA or Trust Deed, your chances may be limited for some time. It’s a good idea to approach a ‘whole-of-market’ mortgage broker or financial adviser, and to plan ahead in terms of saving for a deposit.

Certain factors influence the situation as far as lenders are concerned, including your current level of income and job security. The fact that your insolvency remains on your credit file for six years, however, negatively affects the ability to get a mortgage.

These are some of the issues that will be looked at by a lender:

Did a specific event cause your financial problems?

It is often divorce or redundancy that cause issues for people who were previously solvent, and had few financial problems. Even a small debt grows quickly when your method of earning a living is taken away, or other life events consume a previously disposable income.

The state of your credit file

Lenders will always check your credit file to establish the risks involved in lending. As an IVA or Trust Deed remains on your file for six years, unfortunately many financial institutions will be reluctant to lend during this time.

They will also look on your credit file for issues with your IVA or Trust Deed whilst it was in progress, such as whether all the payments were made in full and on time.

How much deposit you’re able to put down

Another crucial aspect of a mortgage application is the amount of your deposit – having a good deposit helps to secure lending and keeps down the interest rate. The nature of entering into a Scottish Trust Deed and IVA, however, means that all your disposable income has been directed to repay your creditors, leaving you with no means to save money during this time.

Because of this you may need to view your mortgage application as a long-term issue, and plan to put money away for a deposit over a period of time. For people with a good credit rating this can be around 20% of the purchase price; those who have had an IVA or Trust Deed could be expected to put down as much as 40%.

Improve your chances of being offered a mortgage after an IVA or Trust Deed

Rebuild your credit rating

‘Credit builder’ credit cards are advertised as being helpful to people in building a better credit score. High interest rates and low credit limits distinguish these cards from the ‘mainstream’ but offer a valuable way to demonstrate your credit-management skills.

You need to ensure the balance is repaid in full each month, and not use up too much credit as it reduces your mortgage affordability.

Make sure your credit report is accurate

The IVA or Trust Deed should disappear from your credit file six years after its starting date. It’s worth checking this when the time comes, and also making sure that other information held by the credit reference agencies (Experian, Equifax, and Callcredit) is accurate.

Save for a deposit

A decent deposit will encourage lenders to offer you more choice because their risk is reduced. You could gain access to lower interest rates and cheaper borrowing costs.

For more information on getting a mortgage following a Scottish Trust Deed or IVA, call our experts at Scotland Debt Solutions.

John Baird
John Baird

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