Millions to Face Energy Bill Price Hikes from April

February 19, 2019

Several million consumers across the UK are in line for energy bill increases in the coming months, with British Gas and Scottish Power both intending to hike their prices from April 1st.

The companies are two of the largest gas and electricity suppliers in the country and are planning their price rises in response to a raising of the price cap by the energy industry’s regulator Ofgem.

Close to four million British Gas customers will see the costs associated with their dual fuel bills increase by around 10 per cent in the year from April 1st, which amounts to an additional cost per consumer of nearly £120.

Meanwhile, roughly 900,000 Scottish Power customers on standard variable tariffs will also see their prices increased by around 10 per cent over the course of the year from April.

Other leading energy suppliers including EDF, Eon and Npower have already announced their plans to increase the charges associated with their standard variable tariffs in response to Ofgem’s recent decision to revise its price cap.

“There’s a lot of noise about the energy price cap at the moment and how it’s supposedly delivering a fairer price on energy bills and protecting people from getting ripped off by suppliers,” said Stephen Murray, an energy expert at the price comparison company MoneySuperMarket.

“But with the level of the cap set to rise by £117 at the start of April, that couldn’t be further from the truth and there’s really only one way for people to bring their bills down – and that’s by switching.”

“The energy price cap will be cold comfort for the millions of British Gas customers who will now face eye-watering price hikes in April,” added Alex Neill from the consumer rights charity Which?.

“This is the fourth price increase announcement in quick succession with the rest of the big six expected to follow suit,” she said.

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