How it all began

Chris had his own business. Everything went fine for a while, but the recession hit hard. Utility bills built up and he wasn’t bringing in enough money. He also had his wife and daughter to support and rent to pay, but he was trying to keep his home life as normal as possible. Not wanting to worry his wife, he didn’t share his problems. He still took them out at weekends.

“It was really quite bad. And from there it just snowballed. It got a bit – a lot – unmanageable,” he says.

How SDS Helped

Chris found SDS online and requested a call back. “My mobile phone had been shut down,” he laughs, “so I went online, typed in my details and they gave me a call back really quickly, which was great.”

“SDS did everything I was really hoping they would do. I had spent so long trying to deal with the problem myself it had actually driven quite a big stake between me and my wife… But they understood that. They said it was a common thing with people in financial difficulty. They just talked me through it step by step. They were really helpful. It was like talking to a normal person!”

We recommended Chris apply for Sequestration.

Looking to the Future

“It’s made me a lot more aware of how I could potentially run a business again if I was in that situation,” says Chris. “It’s a frightening thing to face, but SDS literally took that and dealt with it, which allowed me to move forward. My home life has pretty much gone back to normal. And I’m still able to take my wife and little girl out at weekends. It’s like going a step backwards to before the debt took hold.”

And what advice would he give to someone in his old situation? “Don’t sweep it under the carpet. Don’t do what I did and allow it to snowball out of control… When your back’s against the wall like that, it turns you into a different person. So before the problem gets too big… speak to SDS. The problem can be sorted out. The best, most relieving thing for me was having them to help me. It was great.”


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