Half of Scottish Parents ‘Feel the Financial Strain of Christmas Spending’

December 2, 2015

A majority of parents living in Scotland find it challenging to manage their money around Christmas time and cut back what they spend on themselves in order to buy gifts for their children.

That’s according to a recent survey that also found that one in three parents in Scotland finds it difficult to ensure that their money lasts until the end of December, with Christmas spending taking its toll.

The research was carried out by the charity group Action for Children and it revealed that some 46 per cent of Scottish parents struggle even to cover the costs of essentials for their children in the build up to and during Christmas.

Action for Children has said that its research highlights just how difficult a period Christmas can be for parents and for families in Scotland and throughout the UK.

“Parents want to give their children a magical Christmas and this places a lot of pressure on them to spend,” said Paul Carberry, Action for Children’s director of children’s services in Scotland.

“When so many parents already struggle to make their money last with everyday living costs, Christmas can spark a crisis of stress, bills and debt,” he said.

Carberry’s advice to parents who are currently worried about their finances is to seek guidance and support before Christmas rather than in the New Year.

“Parents worried about their money situation should seek help now to prepare for Christmas and to avoid the dreaded day in January when the credit card bills land on the mat,” he said.

Among the advice offered by Action for Children to anyone struggling financially around this time of year is to make and adhere to pre-determined spending plans.

The charity also suggests that anyone with multiple debts should look to prioritise repayment of whichever of them is proving the most expensive to maintain.

Action for Children polled more than 2,000 people from around the UK as part of its recent research into the financial concerns of parents as Christmas approaches.

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